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Although the legal matter is so extensive that some of solicitors describe it as immense, we, from ID Law Office, are aiming to cover the main branches of jurisprudence by separating them into different areas. Realizing our clients need to trust to the specialists in the certain area of law, this is exactly where we have directed/focused our development to – to specialize in specific branches of jurisprudence and to be very good in what we are offering. This goal of ours has become one of our fundamental principles, i.e. to provide only those services that we can provide on the highest professional level. At the same time we support and stimulate the desire of each lawyer from our team to improve and to develop in the areas that are new for our law office. That is why our law office has created a special fund that supports the continuous improvement of the professional qualification by attending of tutorials, seminars and trainings on relevant topics of the law. In an attempt continuously to follow the synchronization of our legislation with the European standards and directives we understand the responsibility to be among the first lawyers who provide services subject to these European practices and directives. The challenge to manage to solve a legal case with an international element makes us a trusted partner of our European clients.

The practice areas of our legal office are:

Commercial law:Part of our activities in this area are deals in regards with the Trade law, registrations, making of changes and liquidations of trade companies, representation before the Commercial Register of the Registry Agency, as you will find more information /at Commercial law/.

Property law and Obligations act:Drafting of the contracts, invitations and legal documents of the different kind are part of our services in this area. Providing of the package of services regarding the purchase or sale of the real estate guarantees to our clients the comfort and convenience that they are in the hands of the specialist whom they can trust. Our procedural experience and successfully completed cases are the reason for our clients to seek our services in case of need of procedural representation. For more information about the services that we provide in this area /visit Property law and Obligations act/.

Labour law:Consultations and legal statements in regards with signing and termination of labour contracts. Procedural representation in labour disputes and legal relations according to the Labour Code, applicable regulations and European directives. For more information about the services that we provide in this area /visit Labour law/.

Family and Inheritance law:We believe that along with the Commercial law exactly the Family and Inheritance law are those branches of the legislation in which the international element is mostly affected. Our practice with international inheritance and arrangement of property relations gives us the possibility to undertake and to solve cases that are impossible for part of our competitors. Our legal office also successfully applies European directives for the divorce between persons with different nationalities. For more information about the services that we provide in this area /visit Family and Inheritance law/.

Tax, Financial, Bank and Administrative law:Our legal office successfully gives legal advices to those clients who need solicitor with many years experience in those areas of the law. The cooperation between the solicitors and the accountants undoubtedly lead to creating of the team in which the combination of accountancy and legal knowledge becomes the prerequisite for successful solving of any case and for providing of competent consultation. Our team of specialists in relevant areas of the law implement and provide representation of private and legal persons before different authorities. For more information about the services that we provide in this area /visit Tax, Financial, Bank and Administrative law/.

Accountancy:Initially because of our own need in accounting services we have hired an accountant for maintaining of currant accountancy records of the law office. Over time, realizing the need of many of our clients in complex accounting and legal services we have created the accountancy department that provides accountancy services to us and to our clients. Our main goal is the advices that we provide to be professional not only from the legal but also from the accounting point of view. We do not want any of our clients to find themselves in a situation in which their case would have been be legally solved but this solution was not coordinated with accountancy /tax/ consulting. For more information about the services that we provide in this area /visit Accountancy/.

Special Services:Due to the fact that our legal office is situated in Varna – the city where many foreigners reside, the legal office has started to be visited by many of those foreigners seeking for advice and representation regarding receiving of the permit to stay in Bulgaria, receiving of the Bulgarian citizenship and other questions in this area. That is why in order to be available for our international clients our legal office has Russian-speaking and English-speaking solicitors. ID Law Office provides other special services more information about which you will find at/Specialized Services /.