Company Address

Company address

The importance of the company address is sometimes underestimated, however this is a very important matter, if you have a company.The company address is used for communication between the company and all government institutions, physical bodies and legal entities. When you have a company the address should be where is the main office of the company in order not to miss an important notification from the tax office (National Revenue Agency) or other authority.

The company, as a legal entity is bearing the responsibility to use properly its address and to make sure that all notifications send to the company will be duly received. For example, all notifications from the National Revenue Agency, related with the accountancy matters, issued acts for violations or likewise, will be and are being sent to the official address of the company announced at the Company Register. If you miss to receive such official notification/correspondence the company and its manager shall bear the negative consequences.

Another example that often occurs in our practice is when the representative of the company, i.e. the company, misses to fulfill the obligation to pay the council taxes for the real estate property owned by the company. In that case the municipality is sending an official notification to the official address registered at the Company register of the companies for the taxes due and time frame about the term within which the payment has to be done. In case this is not the actual company address, the company shall miss to fulfill this obligation in due course and then the municipality shall initiate a procedure with a Bailiff for a forced collection of the taxes for which the company shall be bear all the negative financial consequences.

Another important issue related with the address is that it is determining the court region for summoning the company. Also, if the company is a defendant in a court case, i.e. when there is a court case initiated against the company then all the official court notifications shall be send to the to the official company address registered at the Company register. If the company has changed its address and hasn’t officially registered the new company address at the Company register, all the official notifications shall be applied to the court case and shall be considered as regularly served as per the stipulations of the Civil Proceedings Code.

There are many other examples related to the importance of the company address and that is why this matter has to be dealt with responsibility and caution. In case you cannot organize a safe address for your company or if you are not permanently available at your company address, we provide the service of using our law office address as contact address for your company and business.