special services

Special Services: We as Bulgarian solicitors have huge experience and practical skills in resolving, settling and preparing of administrative and legal procedures and documents, related to the application of the legislation.

Special Services List

  • Foreigners of the Republic of Bulgaria Act and the procedures related with it, regarding the residency stay and the conditions for residing of the foreigner and members of their families in Bulgaria. We provide full set of legal services and drafting of the documents in regards with receiving of long and permanent residency permits according to the Bulgarian legislation. We provide consultations in regards with the current legislation and drafting of the necessary documents for each separate case. We provide all the mentioned activities and services to our clients in English and in Russian because we understand the need of our clients to receive information that they can understand.
  • Consultation and registration of physical persons and legal entities as personal data administrators;
  • Consultation and assistance regarding performance of development of Energy projects and documents and procedures related to them;
  • Consultations and drafting of documentation and representation before government and administrative authorities in regards with the Territory Act and procedure for the change of the status of land plots and buildings related to this act, consultations in regards with illegal development and etc.;
  • Consultations and assistance regarding collection of the debts;
  • Consultations in the area of the Intellectual property legislation.