The ground for obtaining long-term and permanent residence is determined according the stipulations of the Law on entering, residing and leaving of Republic of Bulgaria of the EU citizens and the members of their families.

EU citizen can reside in Republic of Bulgaria with a valid ID card or valid passport for period of up to three months following their entry into the country. A family member of EU citizen, who is not an EU citizen, can reside in Republic of Bulgaria with a valid ID card or valid passport for period of up to three months following their entry into the country. Before the expiration of the three months term the EU citizen and/or its family member is obliged to apply for a long-term or permanent residence at the Migration office. The long-term residence, as per the law, is issued for a period of five years or within the required by the person period not exceeding five years term.

EU citizen is entitled to apply and receive a long-term residence permit based on the following legal grounds (requirements):

1. if the person is a worker or is a self-employed person in Republic of Bulgaria;

2. if the person has a personal health insurance or EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) and sufficient financial means for living in Bulgaria for the period of your stay, as well as to cover those of your family members in order not to use the Bulgarian social system.

3. if the person is enrolled in an educational institution (for example: if you are a student in Bulgaria), including professional training and you are following the requirement of point 2;

The documents required for long-term residence permit are:

  1. Valid passport or valid ID card;

  2. Documents based on the ground of which you are applying – for example: employment documents; EHIC or private health insurance, if you are a student then a certificate from the University that you are enrolled for the present year and other documents proving your ground of application;

  3. A payment receipt of paid state tax for applying for a residence permit;

  4. A completed application form in Bulgarian language;

  5. Proof of address (there are 2 options);

6. official document for sufficient financial means to live in Bulgaria, equal to one minimum monthly wage for 12 months or notarized declaration for possessing sufficient financial means to live in Bulgaria in order not to use the Bulgarian social system;

7. previous long-term residence permit in case you are reapplying for it;

All the documents have to be translated in Bulgarian language before applying for residence permit and accompanied with the respective originals.

Once you have all of the required documents, you may apply to receive a long-term residence certificate. Application must be completed within three months of your arrival in the country. The Migration office is issuing a laminated paper copy once you are approved. When issued with a residence certificate you are entitled to apply for personal number of a foreigner in order to be able to register with the Bulgarian government institutions and other services/authorities ( e.g. banks, NRA, mobile operators, water and sewage providers and others). Your personal number is issued as an addition to your residence certificate.

If you require receiving a plastic card residence certificate (so called ID card) this is completed additionally, either via the express service within three working days or with the standard service within 30 days. The plastic ID card states your personal foreigner’s number and requires an additional state tax payment for its issuance.

The certificate for a long-term residence can be valid for up to five years however, its validity may vary according to the expiration dates of the documents you have provided in your application.

In regards with the family members, the documents are similar to the documents required by EU citizen who is applying for a long-term residence, however they vary based on the different grounds, circumstances and requirements of the law.

We, from ID law office we will be happy to assist you further with your application and shall advice you accordingly based on the specifications of your case and circumstances.

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