Replacement of a driving license with a bulgarian one

Replacement of a driving license issued in another country with a bulgarian driving license

The Bulgarian legislation allows replacement of the Certificate for driving of a vehicle /driving license/ issued outside Bulgaria and obtaining of a Bulgarian driving license under two regimes:


According to the European legislation a Driving license issued by an EU Member State is recognized everywhere in the EU. Bulgaria recognizes the right of EU citizens to use their current driving licenses in Bulgaria under the condition that the license is valid and you have the right to drive vehicles of the respective category.

If a driving license issued by the EU country is lost, stolen, damaged or expired you must renew or replace it in the country or your usual residence. You can also replace your driving license on your own wish in order to have a national driving license issued on the territory of the country or your usual residence. The driving license should be issued by the authority called Traffic Police in the town of the permanent address of the foreigner. Issuing of a Bulgarian driving license does not require passing of a theoretical and practical driving test.
Upon submitting of an application you have to provide a proof of residence /residency permit for Bulgaria/, as long as a Declaration stating that your usual residence is not in another EU country and that you do not hold a valid driving license issued by another EU Member State


Citizens of countries outside the EU also can replace their driving license in Bulgaria and to receive their Bulgarian driving license, as for that purpose they have to provide: a Certificate from the Regional Inspectorate of the Ministry of Education about completed degree of education, temporary or permanent residency permit for the Republic of Bulgaria, a medical certificate for the relevant category, as long as a declaration stating that they do not have driving license issued by another EU country.

In both cases described above, before replacement of the driving license, the competent authorities will contact the authorities of the country or your previous residence, in order to check whether the previous license was not restricted or suspended and that you were not disqualified from driving.

Every citizen can have only one driving license issued by an EU country.

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